Gregory Donald Brinkley


Love! Joy! & Health!
@ Ascending to Primera Agua Healing & Enlightenment!

"Uplift & Heal, Relax & Strengthen, Clarify & Give Meaning To Ones Personal Striving to Remember... and Attain To… Those Noble Ideals That Make Radiant Health & Well Being... The Only Possible Outcome!"… Gregory Donald Brinkley

Make yourSelf at Home Under the Glorious New Mexico Skies at “Sunny Mellow”... Nestled in The Rugged Sandia Mountains.

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LOVE!, JOY!... and Yes... Radiant, Buoyant, Whirling, Dancing... Surging, Cosmic, Luminous, Enhancing... Tangible, Pressure, Joyous, Blushing... From Beneath Your Feet to Your Crown Now Rushing... HEALTH!

“Eden! Shangra-La! Camelot!
Images of Radiant Health, Perfection and Beauty are Invoked!
Come Causeless Joy, Elegance, and Healing Realities In Light!”